Choosing Between Our Two Sites

A question our users often have is what the difference is between Read the Docs Community and Read the Docs for Business. This page will lay out the functional and philosophical differences between the two sites, which should help you choose which is a better fit for your organization.

The features available on both platforms are the same. The primary difference is the audience and use cases that are supported.

Read the Docs Community

Read the Docs Community is meant for open source projects to use for documentation hosting. This is great for user and developer documentation for your project.

Important points:

  • All documentation sites have advertising

  • Only supports public VCS repositories

  • All documentation is publicly accessible to the world

  • Less build time and fewer build resources (memory & CPU)

  • Documentation is organized by projects

You can sign up for an account at

Read the Docs for Business

Read the Docs for Business is meant for companies and users who have private documentation. It works well for product documentation as well as internal docs for your developers.

Important points:

  • No advertising

  • Allows importing private and public repositories from VCS

  • Supports private versions that only your organization or people you give access to can see

  • More build time and more build resources (memory & CPU)

  • Documentation is organized by organization, giving more control over permissions

You can sign up for an account at


If you have a question about which platform would be best, you can email us at